How to have a great election day party!

Go to events for your candidate and get signs. This is my sister at the Michelle Obama event we went to a few weeks ago.

Save your signs! This is from the Women's Summit at which Natalie Portman spoke about a month ago that I went to.

Decorate. Use your imagination. Make it fun!

Keep decorating!

Make sure you have a game to play. Pin-the-Tail on the Democratic Donkey seems appropriate for guests from both parties. ;)

Make something embarrassing in patriotic colors with star beads for your cat to wear.

Rachel Maddow (@Maddow) is a must!

Patriotic Swirl Sugar Cookies! Our Site/chick-opinion has my recipe ;)

Again, go to Our Site/chick-opinion for the recipe for these patriotic cupcakes.

Have a POTUS/FLOTUS table: Michelle loves healthy foods and Barack is more of a junk food guy. Sprinkle star confetti on the table before you put the food on it.

POTUS/FLOTUS with the food on it.

POTUS: ingredients for chili nachos and cupcakes! This chili recipe is at Our Site/chick-opinion, too! :)

FLOTUS: veggie tray, low fat pretzels, and low fat mozzarella.

Watch the election results roll in and celebrate!

Watch the video: Check Your Voter Registration (October 2021).