How to create a lego costume

gather the materials for your crafty costume!

cut the bottom panels off the box for your legs. (we got our box from Uhaul for $5)

build your box according to the directions and tape the top, sides, and middle of your box

i found a lampshade on Chelsea's head - this worked perfectly for the neck hole on the top of the box. i centered it in the middle of the top, traced it - and voila, ready to cut!

using a box cutter, be aware of where you are standing and how you are cutting - safety first! cut carefully on your traced lines, avoiding jagged edges for a comfortable fit!

using your precut circle as a guide, cut the second panels carefully around the edge.

tape the four points around the box for added stability and comfort

here is my silly armless Lego husband - he's not thrilled at this point, lol!

to cut the arm holes, I took a medium sized bowl and traced the top edge - than i made a point a few inches towards the bottom - it looks like an alien! cut out the holes carefully!

here's hunter's best buddy Gary acting as a stand-in model, Hunter was in the bathroom! Gary seems to enjoy the one handed robot capabilities of this magical box!

as i finished the second arm hole, Hunter returned to try on his costume for final fittings! he puffs out his peacock chest proudly!

measure and place your cups where you want them to sit - we chose a classic six peg Lego. trace around the rim of the cup.

squeeze the Liquid Nails around the rim of the cup, place the cup on your traced circle, and wipe around the brim with your finger. let your cups sit for about an hour to create a firm hold.

waiting... *impatient foot tap...*

i sprayed two coats of primer, ten minutes between each coat, and three coats of primary blue.

make sure to put down a tarp and paint where nothing can catch the overspray. when spraying, use a steady pendulum swing 5-10 inches away from the box. to prevent dripping, do multiple, light coats.

shweet! paint is done - now let the paint dry over night.

i made one for my hubba-hubba and myself! classic red and blue Legos!

cue the dressing room montage!

we're so silly!

we we're made for each other - like puzzle pieces... like Legos!


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