How to do autumn leaves inspired makeup :)

All the supplies :)

Apply eyelid primer to your eyelids and fill in your eyebrows if needed.

The palette and colours ill be using :)

Apply golden colour on your eyelid. I'm using honeypot.

Apply a chocolate brown colour onto the outer v and blend !!

Apply eyeliner to the top. Wing it out if you want to. This will create an illusion of having bigger eyes !

Apply golden eyeliner to the waterline if you have some.

Apply your favourite blush :) I'm using orgasm by Nars. And I also applied some highlighter to make my face glow.

Finished :) and enjoy!! This look is inspired by the leaves that are changing colour right now in the fall season :)

Watch the video: Autumn Leaves Inspired Makeup with Faces by Cait B! (January 2022).