How to make an easy paper plate spinner

I used a regular sized cheap paper plate.

Fold it in half. No need to crease hard.

Cut center circle out like so.

Now you have this guy.

Make light pencil marks like so. Mine aren't quite an inch. It doesn't really matter.

Make light pencil marks in between the green ones.

Make light pencil marks in between the blue ones.

Cut on all your pencil marks like so.

Now you'll be folding each section like this.

Here's a close up.

Here it is all done folding the sections.

Turn it over & fold those sections down a bit...

Like this.

Here it is all done folding each section down a bit.

Gently fold in half, so when you open it there will be cross in middle.

Like this. Now you get to decorate! Wait...

Better test it first. Works best if you blow it w/ a straw. Sometimes I get it going by holding opposing points w/ my fingertips to spin it. Then blow. These babies will spin fast & for quite awhile.

Here's mine all colored. Have fun with patterns & whatever meets your fancy.

And here it is in action. It's quite more fun in real life obviously...and much more of an optical illusion.

Watch the video: Make a Spinning Plate (October 2021).