How to play letterpress on ios

Press New Game. Go to Step 15 to see More.

Invite or hit Play for an auto-match. I'm the game-finder of my "group", and I just found this app, so no friends now.

Side note: the notifications are built into Game Center, so no added configurations are needed. They come up when the opponent plays a word.

Okay, begin. They (opponent) auto-matched to me first, so I don't start on a fresh board. I'm blue (always) and they're red (always). The colors are from the perspective of the people playing.

They spelled SCORE. I can choose any tiles (unlike Boggle), and the limit of letters is 25. You can use suffixes, but not prefixes (SOCK - SOCKS, not BLOCKS - BLOCK). LP's dictionary is fantastic.

The point of the game is to use all the tiles (between you two) and to have your color dominate. You can use faded tiles in a word. Any tiles already blue are unchanged if you use them.

I used their whole word BOILS in my word BOILERS, taking away that word's points from my opponent. Sweet.

Another example game of points taken away when you use your opponent's tiles in words. I get four points from their tiles, and they lose those points. Be strategic.

If you are in the app when they play a word, this'll come up. The game alerts you if you spell a word already played.

Now, my i is "defended" because it is surrounded (not touching any red or neutral tiles). The opponent can still use that letter, but it will not change to red, unless they change the "surrounders".

Press the three bars in the right corner to Pass (on your turn) or Resign (leave) the game. Resigning forfeits, but passing does not. If both players pass, then the game ends and the score is tallied.

Awesome, I won. All the tiles have been used, and I have the most of my color. Defending tiles is key.

It'll show a list of played words (mine in blue, opponent's in red).

Simply exit the game and swipe it to remove it. Free users can play up to two at a time, paid users ($0.99) can play (?) more. It says "many".

For the patient waiters, here is More.

Unlock Full Version For $0.99.

Paid users can change the theme of the app. There are about seven themes.

I hope this guide made you a better Letterpresser. It's honestly the first word game I've been addicted to on iOS.

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