How to bake kale chips

Preheat oven to a low temperature. You want to dry out the leaves not cook them. For those with a dehydrator more power to you!

Flat baking sheet without edges works best to circulate heat evenly. Use foil or a light spray to avoid sticking.

Remove stems by holding the tip of the stem with one hand and sliding your index & thumb along the stem to the tip. If you buy bagged organic you will have less unstemming to do.

Wash kale and dry thoroughly. If you buy bagged organic you can skip this step which is less time consuming. Place absolutely bone dry kale in bowl.

Decide what flavoring you crave. Sprinkle oil first and massage in with hands. Then mix all your dry ingredients together and sprinkle to taste. Massage with hands to blend til all is shiny.

Kale shrinks considerably once baked.

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