How to cook creamy asparagus & bacon pasta

Cook bacon with olive oil or butter. Meanwhile have pasta and asparagus cooked and ready.

I boil pasta firm, a few min less than the package says because it will be cooked again in a pan. Cook asparagus together with pasta, just throw them in the same pot about a min before pasta is done!

Add pasta and asparagus in the pan and sauté for a min to mix together.

Add milk. I don't measure so I don't know how much I used but I'd say just less than it covers the pasta, I think lol

Original recipe says to use Parmesan cheese but since I didn't have it, these are the cheese I used. Cream cheese blend and Brie blend cheese.

Add cheese!! If you like it really cheesy I guess you can add more. Adjust how much milk and cheese to put as you like, but don't put too much milk, I made a mistake once and the sauce was too watery.

Melt the cheese with heat.

It's going to melt and mix with milk.

As you continue cooking, the cheese will melt completely and sauce will be thicken. Add salt and pepper if you like. I like lots of black pepper to finish :)

Done!! Easy and yummy dish!!

Watch the video: One Pot Creamy Asparagus Chicken Pasta (November 2021).