How to make a paper spinner (origami spinning top)

Begin w/ any size square paper (never construction paper). Mine's about 2 inches from printer paper (I will say bigger's better). You can color when it's finished (go crazy w/ color cuz it's better!).

Flip paper over, so your design is on bottom (white side facing up; my marker bled thru). Fold in half.

Like this. Unfold.

Turn and fold in half other direction like this. Unfold & you will see the creases formed cross.

Fold bottom edge up to meet center crease.

Now fold top edge down to meet center crease.

Fold left top corner down to bottom edge.

Now fold right bottom corner to top edge.

Completely unfold.

Re-fold the two corners as shown.

Fold bottom back up.

Fold bottom right corner back up.

Fold top edge back down.

Fold top left corner back down, but this time slide it under into the pocket where bobby pin is showing.

Here it is in the process of being tucked in.

Should look like this now.

Fold top right tip to bottom point.

Like this.

Now fold bottom left tip to top point.

Like this.

Let go, so it looks likes this.

Fold bottom right tip up to top point.

Like this.

Now fold top left tip to bottom point.

Like this.

Let go again, so it looks like this.

This is the tricky part. Careful not to rip pocket too much. Take bottom left tip & tuck into pocket where bobby pin is (see step 30 for an in process photo...helps to curl it).

Looks like this now.

Repeat with other tip. See next photo for in process example.

This is how I do it. You kind of curl it under & push it till it's all in there.

A little more.

Done! Flip it over & give it a spin! This is where you should design & color it. I'll update w/ prettier ones soon. Oh & be very careful not squish them flat.

I assume spinning is self explanatory. Just in case... Place left thumb on one tip & right index finger on opposing tip. Move them quickly in clockwise direction while letting go. Lefties do opposite.

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