How to create a chevron wall

Start by measuring the whole length of the wall and divide the length of the wall by the amount of triangles (pictured above) that you want. 1) measure over length calculated and make a dot

2) make a dot halfway to be able to draw a vertical line down, ensuring even sides. The vertical line is the same length as the first calculated length. Make sure to tape ABOVE each dot... Important!!

3) in order to create the next triangles you simply measure down and over the same amount as the vertical line created for each point. I continued over the floor board to ensure evenness.

With a window it can be challenging but each line should stay even and accurate if measured carefully. Once again I continued past the wall to help envision the next points

The last step for taping is to make sure all the triangles are pointed and no tape is overlapped like in previous pictures

Begin to paint. The painting pictures aren't accurate as I taped underneath some of the points and had to correct after I painted a coat!

And this is the finale! A chevron wall!

Final touches *check out my other guide on how to make the jewelry frame*

Final touches

Watch the video: How to do chevron pattern or stripes on a wall (January 2022).