How to make a pillow box

This is my pillow box template. I drew a rectangle (16m by 23cm) then curved the edges using a bowl. The tab at the side is 1 1/2 cm. Simple!

Get some paper/card big enough for your template.

Draw around!

Draw a line down the middle!

Use your template as a guide for the curves instead of digging out the bowls again!


Cut it out!

Score along the straight lines with a ruler and scissors or knife. Don't press too hard!

Scoring makes a nice, neat crease and its easier to fold!

You'll have to freehand the curves!

Using glue or tape, glue the tab!

Wait for it to dry a bit :)

Get some stuff to decorate your box

Fold in one end

Glue/tape it

Ta-da! Now fill it with whatever, fold the other sides (but don't glue them!) add decorations and you're done!

This is mine, all finished! :)

Some others that I made :)

Some other stuff that I've made, which I will do guides on soon! :)

Watch the video: DIY Custom Watch Pillows (January 2022).