How to make spoon flowers

Light a candle

Use any color spoons. I'm using a burgundy color for a rose. Heavy duty spoons don't reslease toxic spoons

For the bud of the rose hold a spoon back side up about an 1inch away from the flame

Wait for it to form a petal shape. I'd you do not like the shape that forms, use your fingers to shape it. Shape it into something that looks like this

For the petals us the back side to form petal shape

Use your fingers to fix the form. WARNING: be careful!! The spoon gets really hot! Make sure the spoon is a cool enough temperature for you to hold it. If you can't handle the heat, use a dish towel.

Place the 2 petals together

Heat the bottom of the spoons to soften the handles closes to the spoon "bowl"

Once spoon is soften cut below the "bowl of the spoon"

Sorry for the bad pics!! But melt the bottom together and press together. You can also use tweezers or scissors.

Don't throw these out!! These could be used for extra plastic later

Repeat the process

Don't hold the spoon to long in one spot because it can form a hole!!!!

Or like this⬆

Melt the spoon handle if you need extra plastic to help hold the rose together

Here is the finished product!!!


Use green for leaves if you would like

You can also add a pin or something to the bottom. I put hair clips on mine!!!

Watch the video: Plastic Spoon flowers. DIY. TULIPS Flowers from spoons: Easy Craft Tutorial. Best Out of Waste (December 2021).