How to bake bread pudin

set all the bread in a big deep pan

the bread was collected in the freezer in seal bags.. so take it out and let it defrost for few hours ..add some water to all...enough to make it just wet and avable to make in pieces

make it soft by hand or in a mixer

add some flavor.. the raisins will be add later

mix again

taste .. must be sweet ...now the raisins

spray your containers

fill the containers and add condensed milk om top

stir a litle


and ready to bake

to the oven for 1 hr

here ... smell this??? mmmmmhhh

let them cook ... waitingggg :-)

all done... good as fresh bread ... one for each of my neighbors and the big one for Us.. coffee anybody.... enjoy

Watch the video: ബരഡണട ഒര കടലൻ രചയൽ കരമ Pudding തയയറകക . creamy bread pudding Malayalam (October 2021).