How to make eggless orange choco bread pudding

Prepare your 1-2 days old sliced bread. Any kinda bread :)

Cut in cubes or just tear it :) too lazy hehe

Add in 2 tbsp of choco chips. I like mine dark choco chips. Or, you can shred or chunks some chocolates yumm yumm :)

Prepare your orange juice. I like one with sacs :) but off course, fresh orange juice is better

Pour in 220ml of orange juice onto the bread mixture

Add in a pinch of all spice ...

... a pinch of ground cinnamon ...

1 tsp of vanilla extract ... or bourbon hehe

and is ready to go to the microwave. Set your microwave on high, bake for 5-6 minutes or until the choco is melted. The smell is fantastic I must say :D

Garnish with some hazelnuts and pecans

The sweet kick! I drizzled 2-2.5tbsp of maple syrup on my bread pudding

Let's dig in ..! Best result .. mix it up a bit :) perfecto :) enjoy

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