How to make homemade chicken soup

Assemble all of the ingredients

Rough chop celery and onion

Add some veggie oil to your soup pot

Add onion and celery to hot pot. Add some salt & pepper to sweat the onions.

After about 5 mins, add the baby carrots in whole.

Stir up the yumminess

Take two bay leaves and throw them in the pot. Make sure to remove them before serving your soup, as they are inedible.

Wash and cut the green beans to add into your soup. You don't have to add them, I just love them in my soup

Add green beans and stir. While you cut up the chicken, let this simmer on med-lo to soften the veg up

Cut up or rip up the rotisserie chicken, using both white and dark meat. I use the rotisserie chicken from the store b/c it's easy and less work. That means I get to eat sooner!!

Add the chicken into the soup pot w/ the veg. It smells sooo good in here right now!! Can't wait!

Stir to mix everything together. Mmmmm

I use two cartons of kitchen basics chicken stock. I love this stock b/c there is soo much flavor and not a lot of sodium.

Stir soup up and let simmer on med-lo, low. I let my soup cook for about 5 hrs. I also bought a third carton of stock just incase it cooks down too much. Especially if you're gonna add pasta

Once your soup is done, serve w/ crusty bread and oyster crackers. This soup is great for freezing and for making your friends and family feel better when they are under the weather. I hope you enjoy!

Watch the video: Gennaros Perfect Chicken Stock (October 2021).