How to make a (healthy) epic salad

Start with your veggies. Chop them up and put them into a bowl.

Add a few cloves of fresh pressed garlic with your garlic press.

Add fresh cracked pepper from your pepper mill.

Add oregano

Add paprika

Add a handful of pumpkin seeds (unsalted!!!)

Add sunflower seeds (unsalted!!!)

Pour on some extra virgin olive oil

Squeeze half a lemon on your salad (use a fork to get as much as possible)

Crumble feta cheese

Should look like this. The olive oil, lemon, garlic and spices will act as your salad dressing.

Mix it up (really good so the garlic is mixed throughout - you don't want to bit into a chunk of it, trust me). Don't add salad dressing, it's full of preservatives which are bad for you.

Eat and enjoy! This has no salt (yay!), no preservatives (yay!) and no acidic stuff (yay!) =)

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