How to make cinnamon-sugar fried tortillas / 'bunuelos'

Gather ingredients.

Cut raw tortilla into fourths or leave as whole. Your choice.

Add some vegetable oil in the pan. Should be deep enough to submerge tortillas.

Heat up the oil anywhere between medium and medium-high.

Make a mixture of the sugar and cinnamon. One part cinnamon and eight parts sugar works best.

Stir it up.

Dip a piece of bread into the oil to see if it's ready. If it bubbles a little, it's ready!

Throw between 4-7 tortilla pieces in.

Wait until the underside turns light brown. If you're deep frying, stir or rotate the chips after every minute..

Flip them to allow the other side to cook now. Deep fryers, keep stirring.

Add more oil if needed.

Once they're a deep golden brown, they're done.

Drip-dry any excess oil.

Plate them on top of napkins or paper towels.

Do not wait for them to cool. Immediately begin to sprinkle the mixture over them.


Now flip.


Shake off excess sugar before final plating.

Le voila. You can eat them with honey, preserves, marmalade, or by themselves.

Throw some ice cream on them!

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