How to brew coffee using a percolator!

Add coffee to the bottom half chamber. Fill it up to the brim.

Even It out using a spoon..

Pour cool water into the bottom chamber...Fill water up to or just below the nozzle outside

Place the chamber into the bottom half container!

Assemble the pieces, Place the percolator on the heat source. How it works? Water temperature rises until the water in the bottom boils, forcing some of it up the tube,splashing off the coffee chamber

You will hear spitting noises... Open the pot and check to see the brewed coffee.. .. once it reaches the top chamber it should not be allowed to boil*

Now get some milk out...I love milk in my coffee,so slightly more than half a cup..add sugar as you please...

Pop it into the microwave for a minute

Pour your brewed coffee into the milk...

And there you have it...freshly brewed coffee that tastes much Better than jds any day ! :D

Watch the video: Making Coffee In My Pyrex Percolator (January 2022).