How to change oil your e46 m3

Tools needed: Jack and jack stands Chocks Clean lint less (washed) shop towels/rags 3/8" drive ratchet wrench Torque wrench 13mm socket 6mm allen bit/socket Short extension Screwdriver Oil drain pan

You'll need: (6 qts minimum) 6 Qt. Castrol TWS 10w-60 oil Bmw oem oil filter kit

Open hood, unclip the fuel injection connector next to the oil filter housing by releasing the metal wire clip on the connector.

Slide under car and carefully pop off the black plastic cover under the oil pan/skid plate/ducting with a screwdriver. Use 6mm hex bit and ratchet to loosen oil pan bolt counter clockwise.

Wipe off oil filter housing. Remove the oil filter housing cover (round silver cap just to the right of the front of the engine) with 13mm socket by turning wrench counter-clockwise.

Clean the cover, replace the large rubber o-ring with a new oil dampened o-ring supplied in the oil filter kit and place on clean towel.

Comparison of a used filter and a brand new one.

Fill the fresh fluid via the engine oil cap opening. It's a good practice to fill one bottle through the new filter to pre-saturate it. Drive around and check oil fluid level. Top off as needed.

Checking Your Work Take the car for a short spin. Let it idle for a minute or two. Shut the car off and let it sit for a minute Check the oil level - Add oil if needed.

Dispose of the old oil and filter correctly by taking it to an approved facility. Change your oil every 7000 miles for optimal performance. Thanks.

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