How to cook my moms famous potato salad dominican style

I didn't have any eggs so today I will make w/o. It still taste great so it's optional if you want to add 1 hard boiled egg. Serves 4-6p leftovers can be safely stored 4-5 days

In separate container mix olive oil, onion finely chopped, cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt.

You can use 5-6 potatoes depending on how big they are.

Boil your potatoes, carrots and egg(optional) after they are soft drain and chop.

Chop carrots in tiny pieces and the potatoes in small cubes. This is when you would add finely diced boiled egg also. Dont mash potato it will break up later plus few lumps adds great texture too.

Now I like to put in large container so that I can put lid on and store in fridge to cool before serving.

Now drizzle the container that has the oil, onion and vinegar and mix well

Now taste. You can add lil salt if needed or vinegar but it should taste just right. Store in fridge until cool then serve. Safe to store for 4-5 days

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