How to cook vietnamese betel leaf wrapped pork

You can buy betel leafs at your local Asian or Vietnamese grocery store. They can be hard to find. Also known as "la lot" in Vietnamese.

Pick the stems off from the leaves

Wash the leaves in cold wash, then drain the water to dry the leaves.

You can always use beef or chicken for the recipe. I'm using a pound of ground pork :)

This is the pork soup powder that I use. You can buy this at your local Asian or Vietnamese grocery store. You can also substitute this with 2 tsp of fish sauce and 1/2 tsp of salt

Then add pepper to the mix if desire :)

Mince up one shallot

Then add the minced shallots to your ground meat

Remember! You can always change up the recipe to make it less salty, or more sweet with sugar. Some people even add chopped up lemon grass or garlic!

This should make about 25-30 rolls :)

Pour a generous amount of oil in a pan to deep fry the betel wrap meat. You can either use a lot of oil so that it covers the whole roll, or use less and flip them around.

Place them in the pan/pot and turn the heat to low! The leaves can burn very fast and it's important that the meat is cooked before the leaves burn. The smell is amazing!!!

When cooked it should be dark green or slightly black (not too black or it's burnt!). I usually place them on a towel to soak excess oil

Tada! See how it's cooked inside :)

Voila. You are done :) you can eat this with rice or noodles or anything you want!

Watch the video: Bò Lá Lốt Vietnamese Beef wrapped in Betel Leaves (November 2021).