How to make a frankenweenie cake

Tint your cake batter Frankenweenie green. I used Wilton's Leaf Green Icing Color. Add a little at a time until it is the color that you want.

Split the batter into two pans. One of the best tips I learned from Pinterest... Cut an old towel into strips. Wet it. Wrap around your cake pan. Magic!! Your cake will come out level.

Frost the middle. I put four strips of foil to form a square underneath the cake so I don't have to worry about being neat. Just pull the strips out after icing the cake.


Finish icing the cake.

Now for the embellishments. I found these figurines at Toys R Us.

Made some pretzel bones. I also made Sparky's grave out of candy dipped pretzel rods with two mini marshmallows on each end to make it look bonier. The grave marker is a giant marshmallow.

And put together the cake!!

Super cute!!

Turned out delicious!!

Watch the video: Frankenweenie Featurette 2012 - Tim Burton Animated Movie HD (January 2022).