How to make a stuffed burger w.apple bacon smoked cheddar

Have your butcher grind up 80/20 mix of the beef. Take 1/2 pound and flatten it out into a party. About 1/2 inch thick.

Add a good amount of cheese. Whatever cheese you prefer.

Fold over the meat so it covers the cheese. Oh, I love cheese.

Doesn't it look sexy!

Add some salt and pepper and a lot of smoked paprika. Adds to the smokey ness.

Make some tandoori bacon. My secret invention I am so proud of. You can find the recipe over at www.facebook.com/RicksGoodEats

Make a homemade Mac sauce.

Place it all together. Add some grilled Creminis and your bacon with whatever else you want. Be creative!


Look at that cheese oozing out. Looks so good and tasted amazing. When you have your butcher grind up fresh meat, you don't need much on the burger. Natural juices tastes amazing!

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