How to make pasta

Beat eggs

-Make well in flour -Pour eggs - sift flour into eggs slowly

- Keep adding flour until dough forms

- Dough

- Roll dough into a ball

- knead gently in one direction dough until elastic

- use the base of your hand to knead

- reform into ball - dough should spring back when you poke dough

- let dough rest at least one hour - cut into manageable pieces

- roll dough: large setting (0) - and gradually move pins to desired thickness

- if you want to incorporate herbs or spices - now is the time to do so

- roll dough for easier feeding into pins

- gently guide dough

- for pappardelle , roll dough and cut with a knife to desired pieces

- toss in some flour to prevent sticking - freeze dough or cook to serve after a few minutes of rest

Watch the video: Making Pasta Dough - (January 2022).