How to cook caramelizedbananas

This is what you will need, a pan, a banana, butter, brown sugar, and Pam or other no stick stuff

Next you put your stove on a generally low temp.

Then you spray your pan (so it doesn't stick)

Then you chop the banana!! You probably won't need all the banana for yourself, and be careful with the knife

Then you throw them in to ze pot!

Then add butter, you might need more later (this isn't the healthiest um snack..)

And the brown sugar and not too much but enough to cover the bananas

Then you stir, keep in mind you may need to add more brown sugar and butter till it looks like...


Then well-ah!! There are some caramelized bananas good for garnishing different dishes!!!!! Or just eating plain..:D

And there they are! Hope you enjoy!! ( I normally let them cool a little to)

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