How to make money lei for graduation

Here are your supplies

Start with dollar like this

Began folding forward and back as small as possible.

Should look like this when you reach the end

Then rubber band or staple the middle

Tape or staple ends together

It should look like a flower

Pick beads of your choice

Add bead first

Then through small opening add your flower make sure to add 3 or 4 dollars between beads to give it more of a lei kind of look rather then a beads necklace.

Repeat and continue to add on, be creative and add as many beads or dollars. Till your satisfied before you tie the end ,and that's the basics on how you make a money lei :)

It might not turn out as the one I've made since I used beads from a necklace I got from a cruise. But I'm sure yours will be just as beautiful . Hope you enjoyed :)

This is my finished lei.... Yes .. some people might want to just stick too the cheap wrapped leis since I used 250 worth... Lol It was for my bro I was really surprised he graduated lol

Watch the video: Money Leaf Origami Dollar Tutorial DIY Folded (January 2022).