How to make a bacon explosion

Make sure to show all your friends the ingredients before you make it, because it will add to the suspense!

Cook 1/2 pound of the bacon in a skillet. Sprinkle brown sugar on the bacon periodically while cooking. This will candy it.

Instead of paper towels, use aluminum foil or wax paper to lay the bacon out after cooking. It will be sticky. Once it has cooled, cut the bacon into small pieces to make candied bacon bits.

Take the other 1 1/2 pounds of bacon and create a weaved mat out of it. The tighter, the better.

On top of the bacon weave, sprinkle more brown sugar, then take the sausage and spread it out, covering the bacon weave. Sprinkle 2 cups of cheese on top of the sausage, and add the bacon bits.

Once all the layers have been added, it will kind of look like the most delicious pizza ever!

Roll the sausage layer first, leaving the bacon weave alone. Seal the ends and any holes in the sausage. Then roll the bacon weave around the sausage. Use toothpicks as needed to keep it together.

Baste the whole thing with the BBQ sauce. Place it into a cake pan or baking sheet with walls. Use a grate underneath it so the fat can drip. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

If you don't have a grate, you can use an aluminum pan with holes cut in it like I did. After a half hour of cooking, flip it over and baste again with BBQ sauce.

Once cooking is done, let it sit until the outside cools to the touch.

Roll out the crescents and cover with more cheese. Take the cooked roll and place on top of the crescents and cheese. Roll the crescents over the roll just like you did with the bacon weave.

Bake as per the directions on the crescents. If you do it right, then it won't "melt" like mine did in the picture. You can also sprinkle the top with cheese and bacon bits if you have extra.

Once the crescents are golden brown, slice and serve! Make sure to periodically check your pulse while eating to make sure you haven't died of pure ecstasy!!!

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