How to cook easy portabellos alfredo mushrooms

Portabellos Mushrooms taste best fresh dont wait to long to cook them .. this ones are really big... 1 per person

take the bottoms.. save them for the stuffing

i dont use any salt.. the ham the cheese and the bread stuffing has plenty

heat a pan.. add butter and olive oil.. add the mushrooms bottoms, onnions, garlic, peppers and ham... fry them slightly add the bread ... toss ...stufing is ready

any cheese and Alfredo Sauce for spaguettie will be use on top of stuffing

spray a oven pan .. set the mushrooms and stuff them.. add 2 spoons of sauce and top with your favorite cheese

can be set into the oven now... or with the cheese ...

cheese cheese cheese... then set the oven 350 and cook for 15 mts until the mushroom texture is soft ... no cause the cheese melt are done...be sure are easy to cut with a fork

All done.... the are big and full of flavor.. I serve one per person .. all happy

enjoy with a cold beer or a glass of wine.. then take a Sunday nap... Greetings from Florida .. Isabel

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