How to make a paracord dragonfly

First you need to cut a length of paracord. It doesn't really need a specific length, it really depends on how big you want it to be. This is about 20 inches long.

First you want to lay it out like this.

Lay one part of string over the other like this.

Put the other string over the one that is looped.

Take the non-looped string an put it behind the looped string and into the loop.

Now pull tight. And now you have the eyes :)

Now put one string over the other.

Put the other string over that one. Like a 4.

Put the string that went over the 1st one behind it and through the hole.

Now leave it loose.

Do the same thing again.

Pull it tight, and now you have a wing.

Do the same step again and now you have both wings.

Now just burn the ends with a lighter. And you are done :)

Watch the video: How to make Paracord Dragonfly (January 2022).