How to latch hook

Supplies. Most kits do not come with the latch hook tool. You can find everything at most craft stores. They all come with pre-cut yarn.

The guide that came with this kit. So. Many. Squares. I like to do mine one 10x10 square at a time, one row at a time.

I taped the yarn to their designated symbols to make my life easier.

Then, I set my yarn up into rows (one row at a time so they don't accidentally mix up) by how the guide says I need to.

As you can see, I am already over half way through this square.

Take your first piece of yarn and make a loop. You're going to put the tool through the loop, the yarn behind the hook thing that is protruding (picture 4).

Hook goes through the first tiny square only. Then pull your loop up, and around the protruding hooky thing. Pull the handle of the hook tool down, so the protruding piece closes.

You can now let go of your loop of yarn. Pull the hook tool all the way down, until it moves through your yarn, making a knot. You have just made your first knot (mentally, anyway)!

I included the next knot in the last picture because it is a lighter color. Hopefully you can see it better and can make out the knot a little more than the first black one.

Continue with the entire row.. One row of many.. Yes it is pretty time consuming hah.

Finished the row!

Watch the video: Latch Hook Tutorial by Utterly Hooked Designs (October 2021).