How to teach newton's playground

Learning outcomes: • Articulate, in writing, what they did in Newton's Playground. • Tag images to describe their process.

Materials list: •Computers, 1 for each 2 students (Windows OS) • Newton's Playground downloaded program • Pen and Paper • Post-its

Students explore the game for 5 minutes.

Student reflections on Newton's Playground

Students are given 20 minutes to explore any level they want. If they solve a level, they can continue to explore other levels.

Teacher asks pairs of students to write a single, collaborative paragraph. The students will explain what level they played, what tools they used, and what they did.

Students write a paragraph, detailing their experience.

After writing their paragraph, students will switch their writing with their classmates.

Each pair switches their paragraphs with another pair.

After reviewing their classmates' paragraphs, students will use post-its to give constructive criticism to the paragraphs (e.g. what was good, what was difficult to understand).

Students receive their original paragraphs with peer-reviewed feedback.

Students edit and improve their original paragraph after receiving peer-reviewed feedback.

Student uses ThingLink to upload screenshots and tag pictures (instructions to screenshot are in document).

Students give presentation of their tags and teacher facilitates.

Watch the video: Kids vocabulary - Playground - Learn English for kids - English educational video (October 2021).