How to make baked apples pecans, raisins & honey

Ingredients: Apples, pecans (or walnuts), raisins, cinnamon, honey (or brown sugar); Equipment: knife, melon ball scooper, baking dish, baking sheet and an oven.

Wash and scope the apple's core. Leave 1/2 inch (1-2 centimeters) of the apple's bottom intact.

Melon scooper makes the job 10 times easier than using a knife.

once the core is all scooped out.... it's filling time.

Mix the nuts, raisins, cinnamon and honey (or brown sugar) together. Fill each apple with a 1/4 of the mixture. The photo represents the amount of filling you would need per apple.

Personally, I don't really measure or pre-mix I just fill it up. Notice I left a small piece of apple which I scooped out of the side of the apple. I will use it in the next step.

This is an optional step. To prevent the top nuts and raisins from burning seal the apple with an extra piece of apple and top with cinnamon.

Set the oven to 350 Fahrenheit (180 Celsius.)

To prevent apple explosion, cut the apple's skin around the apple's equator.

Another angle...

Arrange the apples in a glass baking pan. Baking sheet will make the cleanup easier. Place the baking pan in a warm oven.

Bake on 350 Fahrenheit, that's about 180 degrees Celsius, until the apple's inside is an applesauce consistency. About 45-60 minutes for 4-5 apples.

60 minutes to go...

45 minutes to go...

30 minutes to go...

15 minutes to go...

5 minutes to go... If pressing the bottom part of the apple feels hard increase the baking time.


Serve warm and enjoy.

If you don't mind the extra calories serve with a scope of French vanilla ice cream. Indulge!

Tip: Add left over baked apples and filling to a bowl of healthy oatmeal. Yummy!

Tip: This is a perfect desert for the 'Rice, Ground Beef and Pine Nuts" recipe. Look for it under my published Snap Guides.

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