How to build a poker table part 1

MDF "Medium Density Fiberboard" is used to construct. Two 4' x 8' sheets are required for one table. Also, one 4' x 8' melamine board is required.

The 1/2" MDF I got at my Home Depot had this label.

Jo-Anns fabrics has a huge selection of home decor fabrics. Look for the ones on the roll like in the photo. These are like a "microfiber" suede / come in many colors. 3 yards for one table.

Jo-Ann's also carries "Marine Vinyl" in many colors. Choose the sturdy variety. Any color. You need 3 yards. Download the Jo-Ann's app for coupons and deals. I got mine for 65% off!

Foam padding. You need 1/2" foam for the tabletop and 1" foam for the rail. The rolls are 22" wide. You need two 3-yard rolls of 1/2" for the table top and one 3-yard roll of the 1" for the rail.

Clamp the three sheets of lumber you bought at Home Depot together on your work surface.

Sit down and measure out the size that is comfortable for you. For this guide we made a 40" x 96" table. These dimensions seat ten comfortably.

In this case we are reducing the width of the sheets from 48" (original size) to 40" (desired size) so we run a jigsaw to cut 8" off a long edge. (A circular saw is a better tool for this job!)

Once you've removed the desired width, mark your arc using a nail and string. Pound the nail in at center 20" from the edge (if you're using this guides dimensions) then let the string guide your arc.

Use your jigsaw to cut along the lines you drew with the string. My jigsaw was $29.99 at Home Depot. I use clamps to keep the lumber aligned perfectly. This is important. Clamps are inexpensive!

Stay on the lines and let the cuts fall! All this will be upholstered so doesn't have to be perfect!

The edges can be rough. Just sand them with a sander. They don't have to be perfect because it's upholstered, but you do want them smooth.

Now choose the size of the rail you want. For this guide I use 5". I've tried larger and smaller and find 5" is perfect. Separate the lumber and use only the top sheet for your rail.

Use a drill to make a starter hole and follow your line. The inside piece of this sheet will be discarded, so don't worry about the middle, focus on your lines and cut smooth and slow.

Lay out the tabletop cutout and spray it with adhesive. Lay the 1/2" foam down with the seam in the middle and make sure it is stuck down well.

Turn the board foam-side down. Use a razor around the edges. To trim the foam to the board.

Lay the board foam-side down on the cloth you chose and begin pulling it over the back of the bard and securing it with the stapler.

Pay attention to detail around the edges. Take time to make sure the cloth doesn't bunch or gather around to the top of the surface. Be patient. I often have to tear out staples and start over.

Once secured around the whole table, cut off the excess very close to the staples. Note the gathering and bunching never spills over to the playing surface. ,

Pull tightly. "Rub" the fabric toward the edges before you staple. Make this very very tight. Otherwise chips won't stand up.

Measure the 1" foam sheet into 5" strips to match your rail. Cut the strips carefully with a razor.

Use the spray adhesive to secure the 1" foam to the rail...

Watch the video: Building poker table (January 2022).