How to cook penne pasta

Add your pasta in boiling salty water.

Give a stir and boil while uncovered.

Read on the pack about the cooking time. Generally it should be anything from 7 minutes for penne.

To check doneness, break/bite one and check to see the white ring and the larger it is the more you need to cook. This is what you want to see and for aldenté the ring should be slightly larger.

Drain into a colander.

Cool the pasta under running water to stop the cooking process.

Pour a little oil. It helps to avoid the pasta from sticking to each other when not in use.

Add a little black pepper(optional)

Give a quick toss and save for later use. It can keep in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Watch the video: Inspired Cooking presents: Penne Pasta w. Tomato Sauce (January 2022).