5 Eye-Catching Range Hoods for All Kitchen Styles

There once was a time when homeowners tried to keep their range hoods concealed-attached to a microwave, tucked underneath a cabinet, or in my case even now, within the actual range itself (but where the fumes and smoke are not). But times have changed. Today, everyone knows that you have to have one, so why not embrace it? Instead of hiding it away, make your range hood a focal point.

A well-chosen one can totally define the feel, and set the tone for, your entire kitchen. While some of the wall-mounted varieties and under-cabinet installations can be tackled by a competent DIYer, more elaborate range hoods are best left in the hands of a professional. Below, a few eye-catching examples of range hoods for all kitchen styles.

Copper range hood

Farmhouse. Decorators usually suggest that you avoid mixing metal finishes, but this copper hood by The Metal Peddler warms up the stainless oven for a perfectly contemporary farmhouse look.

Carved limestone range hood

Tuscan/California Wine Country. Carved limestone is an investment, sure, but it's also an amazing way to add old-world charm to a new or renovated kitchen. This hood by Cold Spring Granite adds color and texture to off-the-shelf white cabinets and proves that investing in a focal point allows you to save money on other fixtures.

Oak mantel-style range hood

Arts and Crafts. This quarter-sawn oak mantel-style hood seamlessly integrates with the beautiful cabinetry in this Shaker-inspired, Arts and Crafts-style kitchen. Bungalow owners, take note!

Stainless wall-mounted range hood

Contemporary. This stainless steel hood, designed for restaurant-style kitchens, adds a cool touch to the warm yellows and browns of a contemporary kitchen remodel.

Metal ceiling-mounted range hood

European Manor. This rococo range hood is this kitchen. Perfect for those who aren't afraid to make a statement, a dramatic, oversized hood demands attention, and centers the bright accent colors around the stone-topped island, the “hearth” of the kitchen.

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