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New Smart Home Option: AT&T's Digital Life

Technology is permeating our domestic lives and “smart homes” are at the apex of this movement. Communications giant AT&T is launching Digital life, a connected home program in two parts. The first is a suite of web-enabled home products; the second is an intuitive platform for monitoring and managing those products-from any internet connection, be it laptop, mobile phone, or tablet computer.

Digital Life is being rolled out on a trial basis in Atlanta and Dallas. We assume that once they've worked out the kinks, the program will be made available nationwide.

The home systems include: security cameras; window/door sensors; smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass break detectors; remote door lock controls; remote thermostat access; moisture detection sensors; and remote home appliance controls. All of these cameras, sensors, detectors, and controls are wirelessly connected to the internet and therefore controllable through Digital Life (on the web or with the app).

The smart home market will continue to get more sophisticated and competitive, so make sure you look at all the competing services available in your area before getting locked into one. Click here for more information on AT&T's Digital Life system.

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