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Radio: Buying a Grill

If you're shopping for a new gas grill this season, you can pay anywhere from $100 to more than $10,000. You usually get what you pay for, but good grilling is really more about the cook than about the equipment, so don't buy more grill than you need.

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If you never prepare more than a couple steaks at a time, you probably don't need that oversized model. While some models offer more BTUs-or heat output-it's how well they're designed to retain heat that determines how well they'll cook your food. So don't buy on the basis of BTUs alone.

Stand-alone, portable models are fueled with propane. Less expensive models are made of cast aluminum with steel burners. You'll find longer-lasting stainless-steel housings and brass burners as the price goes up. You can find grill accessories like rotisseries, smoker boxes, side burners and infrared burners for any cooking style.

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