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Radio: Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing). You can get your daily dose here, by listening-or reading-to Bob's 60-second home improvement radio tip of the day. Today, it's all about Choosing Outdoor Furniture.

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If you're shopping for patio furniture, your choice can be made easier by the surface your furniture will be sitting on. Heavy furniture with small feet is fine for a smooth concrete pool deck, but you need feet with a larger surface area to avoid getting stuck in wide gaps between natural pavers or sinking into a lawn.

If you move the furniture around a lot, make sure it's lightweight. Also consider whether you have storage space for wicker and bamboo or wrought-iron pieces that you need to bring in for the winter.

Every type of outdoor furniture requires some maintenance. Plastic resin and synthetic wicker require the least. Just hose it down, scrub stains with detergent and apply a little furniture polish. Car wax revives aluminum furniture after a good washing. On wrought iron, sand rust spots, epoxy prime them and paint them- including the feet-before they have a chance to stain your deck. Wooden furniture can be scrubbed, sanded lightly and oiled or stained to freshen it up.

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