Radio: Interior Paint Prep

Nothing says clean and new like fresh paint. If you're moving into a new place this fall or just want to perk up the old one, your paint pail is your best friend.

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The hardest part of painting, for some, is deciding on a color. If you're matching what's there already, you can usually take a chip of it to the store and have them run a computer match. A paint chip book is a great investment: for around ten bucks, you can carry an entire line of colors around the house with you and pick out the likely suspects.

Never be afraid to buy quart or smaller samples first. Colors change as they dry, and they look different at different times of day and under different lighting, so it's always best to try any new color out on the wall first in small doses before you buy a room's worth.

Clean up any major marks, holes, or stains before painting over them. Scrub with detergent and rinse, then take care of crayon marks or scuffs with an art gum eraser. Or for more stubborn stains, sand with a fine-grit paper and add a coat of primer to seal the area before you re-paint.

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