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Radio: Buying Furniture

So you repainted the living room and now you can't stand your old furniture. Before you shop 'til you drop, do some research.

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Search online to find out what pieces you like and locate showrooms where you can try them out in person. Bring paint chips and fabric samples along, so you know the new chairs will go with your new paint job. If you have kids, pets, or you like entertaining, be sure to find out how easy it's going to be to clean the pieces you're buying.

Measure your room to be sure that big sectional couch will fit where you want it, and check to make sure it'll fit through the door! If space is at a premium, look for multifunctional pieces like sofa beds, expandable tables, or drop-down desks that can move out of the way when you're not using them.

There are some great room planning tools online to help you visualize how furniture will work with your space.

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