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Radio: Universal Design

You may not be one of the rising wave of aging baby boomers, but if you're building or renovating your house, the principles of universal design, as its called, make too much sense to ignore.

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The real estate market is seeing huge demand for one-level living and open floor plans: you don't have to be a senior citizen to appreciate being able to roll your suitcase or stroller right into the house without navigating stairs. You can add more specific features later for use by an aging parent or an injured loved one if you've thought about universal design up front. Best of all, you and your family “age in place” without having to give up your home or your neighborhood.

Universal design goes beyond the obvious accessibility features like grab bars and ramps. It means wider doorways, lever locks instead of knobs, and stair-free access to at least one bedroom and bath. These features don't just benefit wheelchair users; they also make life easier for kids, parents carrying groceries, moving furniture- everyone living in the house benefits!

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