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Top Tools 2012: Bosch 13-Piece DareDevil Spade Bit Set

Why You'll Love It: Bosch's DareDevil Spade Bits drill large holes through wood studs with revolutionary self-starting, self-drilling heads that literally pull the bit through the wood.

The Full Scoop: Bosch's line of DareDevil spade bits innovates with self-starting and self-drilling heads, not to mention aggressive hooked edges on the wingtips of the bit to help power through wood and composite materials.

These bits drive through material up to twice as fast as standard spade bits while providing less overall resistance to the user. That means cleaner, faster holes with less stress on your hand muscles. The one caveat is that you'll need to make sure your driver is ready for the task.

The innovations in Bosch's DareDevil spade bit set make it a must-have for tradesmen, who frequently drill through standard-dimension lumber in order to run wires and cables. You can find DareDevil spade bits in lots of bit sets, and the basic 6-piece pouch will cost approximately $30.

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