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In the Workshop: Blog Stars 2012

As more and more doers and makers broadcast their home improvement adventures online, the world of DIY has never been more popular. Whether the reason to fix, improve, or beautify on one's own is motivated by economics, ability, or the thrill of a good challenge followed by self-satisfaction, one thing is certain… where there's a will to get the job done, there's definitely a way, and it need not happen in an über tricked-out state-of-the-art workshop!

Meet the steadfast group of bloggers featured in our 2012 “In the Workshop” series, all of whom are committed to tackling projects with skill, humor, and authenticity. They may possess common tools and materials and the desire to get a job done and share the process with the world, but they each tinker, cut, and drill in vastly different surroundings.

Sarah Fogle, shown right, of The Ugly Duckling House was doing it in a small corner of her bedroom for a while, and has since graduated to a cramped corner of her garage.

Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson and Built by Kids does it as often as he can under the trees in his backyard.

Meryl Phillips and Chris Miller, top, of Picardy Project do it in a pretty standard, well-organized garage that was once on the verge of collapse, and they have this repurposed wine crate drawer system that is totally awesome.

Each player in this DIY world brings his or her own personality, history, and agenda to the work table. Though perhaps first introduced to the fix-it/make-it world by a parent or experienced family member, they have gathered more knowledge via books, other bloggers, and their own mistakes. Most importantly, these passionate project-seekers are continuing a tradition of hands-on work in their own style.