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Radio: Mock Ups

It may seem like an exercise, but mocking up your cabinetry or furniture building project can save you a lot of wasted energy and coulda-shoulda-woulda down the line.

Listen to ON MOCK UPS or read the text below:

You can use scavenged cardboard boxes or even inexpensive foam insulation to build your mock up-nothing fancy. Be exact with your measurements as you cut the pieces to size, but don't worry about the cosmetics. What you're going for is a full-scale 3D model you can belly up to, so you can really be sure it's going to work for the people who have to live with it.

Is the counter height right? Is there enough overhang? Will that vanity fit in the space without the door hitting it? Will the breakfast bar seat as many as you hoped? If the answer is yes, you've only wasted an hour or two. More likely, there will be things you need to change, and it's easier to cut cardboard twice than that fancy new bar top. With a mock up, you can be a little more certain that the project that's eating your weekend will end up fitting the bill.

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