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Radio: Drywall Costs

As of January 2nd, U.S. drywall manufacturers increased their prices by 25 to 30%. On top of a similar increase last year, this means that a four-by-eight-foot sheet of drywall that cost you six bucks before the recession will cost twelve this year.

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While this is jaw-droppingly cynical timing for the beginning of the housing recovery, and painful for builders and do-it-yourselfers alike, it's all the more reason to carefully calculate the amount of drywall you need before you buy.

Measure the square footage of the area you need to cover and divide by thirty-two to get the number of sheets you'll need. Figure on a half-gallon of ready-mix compound and forty feet of drywall tape per hundred square feet. You'll need about three pounds of drywall screws for every thousand square feet. Cut the big pieces first to minimize waste, and you're looking at between two and three hundred bucks to finish a twelve-by-twelve bedroom.

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