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3 Top Apps to Help You Plan a Remodel

Are your project plans hidden in piles of folders, each overflowing with clips, notes, and paint chips? You can save time, corral your ideas, and bring your current “organizational system” into the 21st century with the right home improvement apps. We've collected three favorites to help you streamline planning and make your 2013 home improvement projects a breeze.

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1. HB Color

HB Color

Is one paint company's Foggy Wisteria the same as another's Lavender Mist? HB Color cuts through color confusion with a smart palette of functions: zero in on your intuitive preferences with a quiz, peruse color combinations recommended by decorators and House Beautiful editors, or fish from the “Color River” to find the moods, shades, and tints that fit your vision. Of the many color-oriented home improvements apps on the market today, this one ranks among the very best.

2. Color Capture

Color Capture

If you're not even sure what to call the color already adorning your walls, then skip other home improvement apps in favor of Benjamin Moore's Color Capture. Simply snap a photo of the color in question, and Color Capture tells you which hue from the company's extensive palette most closely resembles the one in your photo.

3. HomeSpot HQ

Homespot HQ

Pull it all together with HomeSpot HQ, a web-based home improvement app and project organizing tool. Like a hub for all your remodeling and repair needs, HomeSpot lets you upload lists, paint chips, and warranties so that you keep all your information in one portable place. The app will even send you reminders of maintenance chores, enabling you to stay on top of essentials. You may never forget to change your air filter again! And the best part? It's free.

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