Radio: Gas Leak

Natural gas is a safe, clean source of home energy, but in the unlikely event of a gas leak, it's important to know what to do and who to call.

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Taking a few minutes to think about it now could really pay off in the event of an emergency. If you smell gas, hear the hissing sound of escaping gas, or see a broken or cracked gas pipe, the most important thing to do is open a window and get everyone out of the house.

Once you're out of the house and a safe distance away, call the gas company or 911. Don't use your home's landline, and don't use your cell phone while you're in the house, since sparks from a telephone can ignite gas.

If you're instructed to do so by your gas company or by the police or fire department, shut off the gas supply to your house at the main shutoff. It's usually outside the house by the gas meter. Using a pipe wrench or crescent wrench, turn the valve a quarter turn so that it's perpendicular to the pipe. Remember, once you turn the gas off, it can be turned back on only by your gas company or qualified professional. So don't turn it off if it's not an emergency.

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