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Today's pet doors are a far cry from the heat-stealing, wildlife-welcoming, burglary risks of yesteryear. If your yard is secure enough for your dog to play unsupervised, or if you have a cat that likes to come and go, you may welcome the flexibility offered by these new breeds of pet door.

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Start by choosing the right size door, using your largest pet as the gauge. A door should be slightly wider than your pet and an inch or two higher than its shoulders. The base should be at least one inch below its belly. If you have a young pet, you'll need to buy a larger door to allow for it growth. You may also want to buy a slightly larger door to allow for an older pet's declining agility. Some manufacturers offer doors that can be adjusted at the base or top to accommodate a pet's changing needs.

With options including insulated dual-flap designs, strong slide-in security panels, and magnetic closures-and “smart” doors that are activated by a signal from your pet's collar-today's pet doors can offer a little freedom for your pet, and some peace of mind for you.

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