Radio: Home Inventory

It's heartbreaking enough to lose your home or possessions in a natural disaster. Then there's the stress of having to itemize your losses for an insurance claim. Don't wait for a flood or a fire to start thinking about how much you own - take inventory now. It will really help in the event of a loss.

Listen to ON HOME INVENTORIES or read the text below:

The easiest way to start is with a video of your entire home. walk through each room and pan the camera slowly, being sure to open closet doors and kitchen cabinets. Talk through the items you see - like, there's the clock I got for my birthday, or here are the shelves filled with my books. Don't forget the carpet or flooring - show it in the video and mention it in the voiceover. Jewelry, furs, and musical instruments should be itemized in your homeowner's policy already - call your agent if they're not so you can add them.

Don't forget the outside: shoot video of the garage, patio furniture, kids playsets - anything it will cost money to replace if lost.

Put a copy of the video in a safe deposit box, or post a digital copy to youtube. After all, your inventory won't do you any good if it gets lost in the storm!

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