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Radio: Interior Lockset

Replacing an interior lockset is a pretty simple job. If you're thinking about upgrading your doors with new doorknobs or levers, here's what you need to know.

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The basic interior lockset is called a passage lockset - it doesn't lock at all, so it's used for closets and hallways. A privacy lockset is similar to a passage set, but it locks from one side, making it useful for bedrooms and bathrooms.

To replace either one, simply unscrew the face place from the door to release the knob and spindle. If the face plate doesn't have visible screws, look for a little slot along the edge where you can insert a small screwdriver to release the plate. Slip the new lockset into place, screw the face plate on, and you're done.

Those old-fashioned doorknob sets with rectangular plates and skeleton keys are called mortise locksets. They're a bit more complicated to replace, but with a little patience you can do it yourself. You can find inexpensive new ones at most hardware stores, or choose vintage lockets from specialty retailers.

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