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Radio: Hiding Trash Cans

Nothing kills a home's curb appeal faster than a couple of trash cans and recycling bins parked in the driveway, or littering the front yard. Keeping them out of sight can stop your home from looking… well, trashy.

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The garage is one obvious place to stash the trash, but that can create quite a stench on a hot summer day. And if it's a chore to drag cans back into a crowded garage, you might end up just leaving them out.

One solution is to erect a short screen, or lattice, in a spot between your trash exit point-usually the kitchen-and the trash pickup spot by the curb. There are many styles of easy-to-install screens on the market, or if you're handy, you can build your own small screen with trellis panels. You can even create a natural screen with tall grasses or bamboo.

In areas rife with wildlife, consider covered storage, either a small shed or lean-to built alongside the house or garage. Both are available in ready-made varieties, and neither's too tough for a diy project.

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